Spring Forward FAQ

Why is Spring Forward two weeks long?

We've been to a lot of virtual conferences in the past four years, and we understand that spending all day watching sessions on a computer screen is not really fun and can leave you feeling like you haven't actually learned anything. We also know that it can be easier to set aside an hour or two in the midst of a busy work day to engage with professional development. So instead of trapping you at your desk for a day or two, you'll have the opportunity to attend sessions each day during the conference.

How much of my work day should I expect to spend on conference activities?

We will have no more than two sessions per day during the conference, and sessions will be roughly 60 minutes. There will also be asynchronous content to engage with.

How will I access the conference content?

The conference will take place on Mighty Networks, which is the platform Forward Libraries uses to host the League of Awesome Librarians. Attendees will need to create an account in order to access the content. For more information about using Mighty Networks, we suggest checking out the FAQ on their Help Center.

Will I be able to access the conference content after the conference is over?

Yes! Content from the conference will still be available on the conference platform. As long as you don't delete your account, you will be able to access it, even if you don't join the full League.

I can't make it to all the sessions. Will you record them?

We will record synchronous sessions based on permission from the presenters. The recording status will be noted in the session description. There's also asynchronous content that you can engage with at your pace!

I registered for the conference, and it looks like now I have a membership to the League. Is that correct?

Yes and no. Because we're hosting the conference on the League platform, registration for the conference gives you access to the League's base platform. So you'll be able to interact with League members, but you won't have access to other content like the "Library School Didn't Prepare Me for This" workshop series or monthly "Work With Me" sessions. However, full membership to the League of Awesome Librarians requires a subscription to one of our three levels. We would love to have you join the full League, though! Find out more about our subscription levels at www.awesomelibrarians.org/

I signed up for a free trial of the League of Awesome Librarians. Does that mean I'm registered for the conference?

No, membership in the League is not the same as registration for the conference. The conference space is an add-on for current League members. If you're not a League member, you will need to register using the link for Spring Forward-Registration Only.

How do I reach out if I have more questions?

Email us at hi@forwardlibraries.org!